Colorful Purses this Summer

Miu Miu €240:

Mulberry $420:

Miu Miu $450:

Lanvin $450:

Comme des Garçons $370:

Comme des Garçons $365:

Comme des Garçons $205:

Emilio Pucci $475:

Comme des Garçons $95:

Anya Hindmarch $175:

Marni $195:

Comme des Garçons $100:

Gucci $445:

Gucci €150:

DKNY $95:

Miu Miu $550 :

MICHAEL Michael Kors $120:

Jimmy Choo $575:

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Coach 2011 Autumn Poppy handbags

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replica coach handbags

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Where are Your Handbags Come from?

Prada has come to Hongkong market 24th, June this year. And the price is between 36.5 to 48Hongkong dollar. As there is great comsumer potentials in China, now many big brand set a goal atHongkong and mainland China market. According to the report of Goldmansachs, Chinese luxury industry is running well and Chinese has spent 6.5 billion dollars in luxury products. And the increases of expenses in luxury industry in China has hit the top in Golobal range for three years. And American Coach handbag is also planning to come to Hongkong market in the near future.

Goldmansachs, as the stockmarket underwriter, has to provide risk assesement to their investors. In Goldmansachs report, 80% Prada’s products have been subcontracted to OEM companies and made by companies in other countries. These companies includes some in Guangdong, China. “Made in China” is still sensitive to thoes most famous brands.CEO of Prada Patrizio Bertelli also pronouce creatively that no matter where Prada’s products have been produced, any country, all products should be tagged “Made by Prada”.

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Chanel Mademoiselle goes well with delicate suit.

It is not hard to find, Chanel classic handbags go with suit very well. I will show you two pics. One is British singer Lily Allen. This dress of her gives out a feeling of gracefulness and  delicacy.

Another example is American sweetheart Rachel Bilson. graceful like a lady and also cool, handsome and casual.








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Paris with LV monogram miroir lockit gold handbag

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Coach 2011 handbags

Coach classic handbags used to be made of canvas. Now they can be made of leathers. They are still attractive to their fans. Coach handbags maybe not like LV, Chanel, but they also have very high standard with quality and design. And their price is more reasonable.

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A Little about Satchel

Typically, satchel is very practical design for people like doctors, students, etc. Now it is not only just one design. You cannot just simply name a handbag as a satchel, I think. Satchel spawns into various. Cool, like the one Indiana jones always wears. Stylish like the one wore by Sarah Jessica Parker, by the way, I feel Sarah is a very good example of the saying that as long as a woman loves to dress up, she can be beautiful outside in a way or another :). I do not think she has natural beauty, but she knows how to dress up and very attractive!! Luxurious maybe you can say? As I see Victoria wears one, haha. I do not know why, in my opinion most of her outfits send out the sense of luxury. What do you say?






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